The McKenzie River Drift

Build your dream boat from a precision cut kit.

There are few things that bring satisfaction like building your own boat.  White water dories are deceptively simple designs that have few straight lines.  Our kits have the most critical pieces precision cut on a computer controlled router to insure that pieces fit and the easy to follow step-by-step instructions assure success.

2007 McKenzie River Wooden Boat Festival

Historic wooden boats and some brand new boats made by pros and novice alike gathered on the banks of the McKenzie River at Eagle Rock Lodge. Don't miss this years event on April 26th, 2008!

Paints, Varnishes, and Oils For Your Drift Boat

Recommended Products For Your Drift Boat Kits

30 lb Pyramid Anchor $60.00
EPCO Gulwale TieDown Strap - 10ft $12.00
Hydrotek Meranti BS-1088 -6mm $47.00
Sawyer Light s laminated Oar - 8'6" $205.00
Scotty First Aid Kit and Whistle $31.00
Sterns 50' Rescue Bag $38.00


Why We Are Here.

McKenzie River Drift Boats is a new company dedicated to the history, the craft, and the future of wooden white water boats. Wood river dories have a long history of professional use on the McKenzie and other Pacific Northwest rivers for logging, trapping, and fishing. Today these versatile wood river dories are used for touring, fishing, and white water adrenaline pumping fun.Adam Schanz

The early professional boaters used long lines to guide their boats around the biggest rapids until the 1940’s when the development of light weight and highly maneuverable white water boats allowed the guides and trappers to navigate the rapids with customers or full gear in the boat rather than the time consuming method of unloading, packing, then reloading after portaging the big water.Adam Schanz

Today, new plywood manufacturing and modern epoxy and polyurethane have made the maintenance nightmares of the old style wooden boats a thing of the past. Modern wood encapsulation techniques along with old fashioned yet easy to apply boat oils are loaded with ultraviolet light protection that keep a wood boat looking great and make it easier to maintain than ever before. Pre-cut wood boat kits have been available on the McKenzie River from the 1940’s and today we continue this tradition of helping you achieve your dream of building your own boat.

Wooden boats feel right on the river. They are warm, quiet, and lightweight. But most importantly you can enjoy building and customizing them yourself.